Monday, 22 August 2011

Maths education -- Trends and Challenges

University of Hyderabad and NISER, Bhubaneshwar organized a joint Conference titled "Mathematics Education -- Trends and Challenges".

It was attended by about 80 mathematicians, some of them eminent mathematicians of India.

The most striking feature of this was it was not a traditional conference. The organizers chose 9 themes related to the field of Mathematics Education. For each theme, there were panelists and they started with a brief view of the problems concerning the theme. It was then thrown open to the audience which resulted in serious discussions, question and answer sessions and critical comments .

According to the organizers, this is the first time where such panel discussions were taken for three days (well, 2.5 days).

The participants, especially the young, were excited about the structure and the themes of the conference. The organizers promise to come with detailed report in about 6 weeks time. They also invited the participants to send (within a week) any further comments other than those made during the conference. After circulating a draft version,  the final version will be mailed to all participants, will be uploaded on the website of METC, hosted at NISER and will be published in Mathematics Newsletter.

The organizers chose the conference platform to felicitate me. My next blog "I am blessed" will be a continuation of this.


  1. The conference provided a good opportunity to reflect on the problems like lack of good training and manpower in mathematics at all levels. There were many good ideas given by the speakers. I am eagerly waiting for the report
    of the organising committee. It will be good to submit it to DST and NBHM with concrete proposals for action plans.

    Jugal Verma

  2. It was indeed a great conference with a unique theme. It was also an apt choice to felicitate a great teacher and researcher who has devoted all his time to Mathematics education,with total dedication, especially through the conduct of a wonderful program, the MT & TS. The conference was a great success. I hope the outcome will lead to successful action plans which improves the quality of Mathematics education in India in the years to come.

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